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Gunlake Concrete utilise our in-house testing facilities to ensure you consistently receive top quality ready mix concrete.

We also use independent testing to ensure that we only offer the best batch designs that cover your ready-mix concrete requirements. Our computerised mixing process and automated colouring system is among the first computer controlled coloured concrete facility in the industry, guaranteeing consistency and reliability throughout every batch of concrete.

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Permeable Concrete – Drivecon

DriveCon™ is WaterPave’s single-pour method consisting of specialised admixtures and fine aggregates mixed together to form a strong,...
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Polished Class Concrete

Our Polished Class Concrete is perfect for today’s modern lifestyle offering a low-maintenance and durable finish.
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Standard Class Concrete

Gunlake normal class concrete is specifically formulated for every-day workability while retaining the highest level of quality and...
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Special Class Concrete

Gunlake has a range of mixes designed to meet the strictest engineering specifications including high flexural strength, low-shrinkage,...
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Coloured Concrete

Gunlake offers a large range of premium coloured concretes suitable for a range of domestic, industrial and civil...
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Architectural Concrete

Our exposed aggregate, polished concrete and stamped concrete mixes are excellent decorative options to add a striking design...
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Pool Mix Spray Concrete

Our pool-mix is the concrete of choice for Sydney's pool concreters. That’s why Gunlake has poured our resources...
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Kerb Mix Concrete

With a large demand for concrete gutters, kerbs and garden edges it’s important to have easy access to...
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Block Fill Concrete

When you’re dealing with retaining walls and heavy-duty commercial applications you can’t afford to compromise on concrete quality....
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Piling Concrete

Gunlake’s commitment to sourcing only the best aggregates, additives and cements follows through to top-of-market piling concrete.
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No Fines Concrete

Wherever strength and water drainage is required, you can count on Gunlake’s No Fines concrete mixes for any...
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Green Concrete

Gunlake Concrete can offer the full range of green/environmental mixes to satisfy your environmental project.
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The Gunlake commitment to excellence in product and service is as strong as our world-class concrete.

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