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Verifi is the first-of-its-kind AI machine-learning technology. It tracks the concrete quality from the plant to batching to the delivery location. Verifi is an automatic slumping technology and much more. It constantly gathers data that Gunlake uses to innovate its product and service offerings like mix types. Every Gunlake delivery truck has Verifi installed within. By adopting Verifi technology, Gunlake ensures that its customers receive concrete deliveries that precisely match their orders.

Technical Services

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Welcome to the future of concrete and construction innovation at Gunlake, where groundbreaking technology takes centre stage in your building projects. Partner with Gunlake, and experience the seamless blend of customisation, optimisation, and high quality that’ll raise your projects to new heights.


Elevate your construction projects with G-Lab,  a one-of-a-kind concrete testing laboratory. Accredited by the esteemed NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities). G-Lab ensures unrivalled technical excellence in concrete and cement products to Gunlake customers and beyond.

As a distinct entity located on Gunlake’s Preston plant site, G-Lab operates with unparalleled integrity and autonomy, assuring customers of unbiased results. With a focus on top-tier engineering, G-Lab collaborates closely with Gunlake, offering superior technical support. G-Lab’s experienced field testers and Verifi Technology safeguard your concrete mix performance, providing essential data for calibration. As a public testing facility, G-Lab extends its services even to competitors. Underlining its commitment to industry advancement. Harness G-Lab’s skills to refine your mix, minimise wastage, and achieve optimal results. G-Lab’s accurate test data empowers nuanced decisions, delivering top-tier concrete quality.

Trust G-Lab for precision, innovation, and uncompromising support in shaping Australia’s building and construction landscape.

Gunlake uses AI technology to track the concrete quality from the plant to batching to the delivery location.

Where’s My Concrete

Download the Where’s My Concrete app for Android or iOS to track your concrete’s every move. Receive real-time updates from dispatch to delivery. You can also view,

  • Estimated times of arrival

  • Driver instructions
  • Past and future orders

Where’s My Concrete also provides a line of sight into trucking efficiency metrics and truck demands. The Gunlake Team reviews this data to advance the productivity of its dispatching services for its clients.

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Where's My Concrete

These systems help us make certain we’re delivering high-quality concrete to spec on time every time.

Behind all the technology is a highly skilled and experienced crew like Batch Allocators, Truck Drivers and Plant Managers.  They thrive on continually developing Gunlakes concrete products and services to ensure the success of our client’s projects. Each concrete load is meticulously monitored from plant to dispatch to onsite delivery.

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From residential to commercial projects when you work with Gunlake you’ll have custom-tailored options to meet your needs and receive that perfect mix of concrete.