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“Where Work Feels Like Family, and You’re More Than Just an Employee”

Gunlake’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its products—it encompasses our people. Your safety, well-being, and work-life balance are at the core of our culture.

Here, you’ll find not just a job, but a fulfilling career that aligns with Gunlake’s enduring reputation.

Benefits and Perks

At Gunlake, we appreciate and reward your dedication. The competitive compensation packages you can expect from Gunlake include,

  • An attractive base salary
  • Performance bonuses
  • Ample opportunities for overtime

We care about your future, offer retirement plans, and believe in the importance of work-life balance with generous paid time off.

Our Culture and Values

Gunlake Group is more than a workplace; we’re a family.

With a rich heritage spanning four generations, our medium-sized company values every individual. In our friendly yet professional environment, we offer the flexibility, warmth, and innovation that many larger corporations can’t.

Enjoy a close-knit team-orientated work environment, regular BBQs, getting to know Gunlake’s long-term continual customers and work on some of Sydney’s most significant infrastructure and building projects.

Join us and be a part of something special.

‘The Team environment is excellent. Better than any other job I’ve been at. We’re pretty much like a family here.’

– Stef, Gunlake Batcher/Allocator

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Concrete Agitator Drivers

The Heartbeat of Gunlake

Are you tired of unrealistic pressure, inadequate pay, and toxic work environments at other companies?

At Gunlake, we’re dedicated to making the journey as a Concrete Agitator Driver a fulfilling and rewarding one. Enjoy competitive and attractive hourly rates, and flexible working options. Your financial well-being and work-life balance are our priorities.

It’s more than just a job, Gunlake offers an open-minded, diverse and vibrant work culture where you’re valued as an integral part of the team.

Join us to discover the difference for yourself and experience the support, and recognition you deserve.

‘The camaraderie that we have here at Gunlake with all the boys and all the girls – You come in and everyone is happy to see everyone every morning’

– Steve, Gunlake Agi Driver

As a Gunlake Agi Driver, you’ll be ensuring the timely and safe delivery of high-quality concrete to our valued customer base. The role encompasses various responsibilities, from overseeing the day-to-day activities of the trucks, ensuring their safety, and handling work scheduling to efficiently dispatching loads to job sites.

We value inclusivity and welcome candidates with an HR license who may not have prior concrete experience.

Gunlake’s commitment to training and safety ensures a smooth transition to a fulfilling career with us.

The Role of Gunlake Truck Drivers Within the Company

Agitator Drivers are the lifeblood of our operations.

‘Gunlake is willing to teach you everything about concrete so you really don’t need any experience at all’

– Melinda, Agi Driver

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