Energy Efficiency and Innovation.

Gunlake is not just a concrete supplier – we’re a collaborative partner in reducing environmental impact. Engage with us in customer education and partnerships, where we actively support projects aiming to minimise scope 3 emissions. We also offer independently audited information about the environmental performance of our concrete products.

Looking toward the future, Gunlake extends this commitment into 2030 and 2050, ensuring a sustained dedication to environmental responsibility.

Join us in building a greener tomorrow—one concrete batch at a time.


As a leading Australian-owned concrete supplier, we believe in building a sustainable future. Gunlake is redefining industry standards through innovative practices and a dedication to reducing embodied carbon in our concrete and your project.

Eco-Conscious Concrete Mixes.

Gunlake’s BlueStar Concrete range is thoughtfully designed to minimise embodied carbon while maintaining exceptional strength and quality. This groundbreaking product is reshaping industry standards towards eco-conscious solutions.

Additionally, through Life Cycle Assessment’s (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declaration’s (EPDs), Gunlake provides transparent insights into the overall environmental impact of our concrete products.

Independently verified LCAs using local Australian data form the basis of our EPDs. For project-specific needs, we offer tailored EPDs, ensuring precise details about embodied carbon in your custom mixes.

Green Practices in Material Sourcing and Manufacturing.

Gunlake’s dedication to green practices begins with using alternative cementitious materials like fly ash, slag, and silica fume. Our standard concrete mixes leverage waste quarry dust and recycled water, showing responsible material sourcing and manufacturing.

Collaborative and Transparent Sustainability

Gunlake integrates cutting-edge technology for sustainable energy solutions.

Our concrete plants harness solar power, a unique initiative covering 100% of our batch plants – replacing 30% of power usage.

Additionally, our larger capacity tipper and agitator trucks are more fuel efficient than other similar trucks allowing for fewer trips to reduce overall environmental impacts on our customers’ projects.

Gunlake has also adopted Verifi’s AI machine learning technology into its entire fleet of trucks and backend systems. Verifi enhances environmental sustainability in concrete delivery by minimising waste through precise monitoring, adjustments, and real-time data on the slump, water addition, temperature, and more.