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Innovation is the cornerstone of Gunlake’s success, and we continually collaborate with our valued customers to develop groundbreaking solutions. Gunlake’s fleet of 110 concrete agitators, and more to come, ensures that we are always ready to meet your needs.

Gunlake’s fleet of 110 concrete agitators, and more to come, ensures that we are always ready to meet your needs.

Gunlake is a place where everyone feels at home because we depend on and trust the voices of our people, customers, and suppliers alike. With a deep presence across the heart of New South Wales, including the inner city, inner west, and the picturesque south coast, we own the approachable, friendly, and open marketplace.

A proud Australian-owned family legacy, spanning four generations of excellence

At Gunlake Concrete and Gunlake Quarries, we stand as the preeminent supplier of construction materials to the Greater Sydney region. Gunlake isn’t just a company; we are a proud Australian-owned family legacy, spanning four generations of excellence in the quarrying and concrete industry within Australia.

Gunlake’s journey began in 2007 with a single concrete plant and ambitious plans for a quarry. Today, in 2024, we have not only realised those dreams but have exceeded them. With five operational concrete plants and another one in the pipeline, we’ve set a new standard for industry-leading service and the delivery of high-quality products.

At Gunlake 
we value a people-centric approach

When you work with us you are working with a 100% locally owned and founded enterprise. You can also expect unwavering reliability, consistent concrete excellence, and unyielding dedication to your projects.

Our Values

Technical Service

Committed to delivering exceptional technical service to our customers, ensuring their needs are met with expertise and efficiency.


Gunlake takes pride in providing concrete products of the highest quality and consistency.


Innovation is at the core of Gunlake’s operations, driving us to constantly improve and evolve.


As a 100% Australian-owned company, Gunlake is rooted in the local community, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the nation.


Commitment to creating an inclusive & welcoming environment extends to everyone, including our employees, customers, and suppliers.


Gunlake values open communication and input from all stakeholders.

of Gunlake

Origin of Gunlake
Origin of Gunlake
Origin of Gunlake
Origin of Gunlake

The name “Gunlake” originates from Gun Lake in British Columbia, Canada, about four hours north of Vancouver in the Chilcotin mountain range. Gun Lake spans approximately 6 km in length and 1.5 km in width, surrounded by 7,500-foot snow-capped peaks year-round.

This beautiful, pristine wilderness is both glacier and spring-fed, offering crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming and water sports during the summer, along with long days and glimpses of the northern lights. The lake freezes to about 18 inches thick in winter, providing a natural playground for snowmobiling and ice skating.

Edward O’Neil

One of Gunlake’s current Directors, Edward O’Neil, spent five years in Canada as a builder. In 1994, he and his wife Annabelle undertook the project of building a cabin at Gun Lake. Due to the remote location, they lived in a tent for three months, bringing in all building materials by barge, as there was no vehicle access. They also had to store their food in a bear-proof larder, which unfortunately proved insufficient when a bear broke in and took all their supplies.

From this challenging yet memorable experience, Ed learned crucial survival skills for living in bear country, such as keeping food and cooking smells away from the tent. Despite numerous bear encounters, none ever came close to their tent, providing some comfort amidst sleepless nights.

This life-changing experience inspired the name Gunlake Concrete and Quarries, founded fifteen years ago, keeping the memories and spirit of Gun Lake alive in the company’s identity.

Our History

Explore Gunlake’s rich legacy, dating back to 1852 when the O’Neils arrived in Kapunda, Australia. From early quarrying endeavours to evolving into the largest independent concrete and quarry producers in New South Wales, Gunlake’s heritage is a testament to resilience, growth, and generations of dedication.

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The story begins – the O’Neils arrive in Kapunda, Australia. Kapunda, recognised as one of the first true mining towns in colonial Australia, laid the foundation for the O’Neils’ enduring involvement in quarrying—a legacy that continues today.



The O’Neils relocated to the small town of Broken Hill, five years before the formation of BHP in 1885. Here, they further honed their skills in the rapidly evolving quarrying and mining industry. After nearly two decades in Broken Hill, they decided to bring their accumulated knowledge back to South Australia, setting the stage for their opportunities. With a solid background in mining and quarrying, it was not long before they established themselves carting for a local quarry. The second generation of O’Neils was keen to follow on in the industry and before long JJ O’Neil and Sons were carting full-time for several quarries.



This year marked a pivotal moment when the local road authority accepted their tender to supply materials for a road project in the Adelaide Hills. Armed with a hired crusher, this tender became the first of many successful ventures. Notably, the Horrocks Pass project in the Flinders Ranges was one of their most significant accomplishments. It greatly improves access from Wilmington to Port Augusta on Main Rd North.



The Great Depression hit South Australia earlier than in other states, and it had a profound impact on the O’Neils. With Horricks Pass nearing completion and no other opportunities in Adelaide, the O’Neils decided to make a bold move to Perth, Western Australia. They were accompanied by a dedicated team of workers and all the equipment they needed for their new venture. The quarry they acquired, known as “Gosnells,” initially posed challenges due to its abrasive rock that took its toll on the equipment. But with perseverance and the discovery of a better deposit on the other side of the hill, it eventually became one of Australia’s most significant quarries.



The O’Neil family decided to expand their operations beyond Western Australia. They set their sights on Sydney and found a suitable hard rock site near St Marys.



Australian Blue Metal (ABM) was established, marking the beginning of quarrying and distribution operations in the region.
World War II soon intervened. All of O’Neil’s equipment was requisitioned for defence efforts. Under the Civil Defence Corp’s command, the company’s assets, including its staff, were deployed to various strategic projects, including the construction of the dock at Garden Island and the construction of a railway and transport distribution hub in Broken Hill. This period brought them back to their place of origin. After the war, they established quarries in both Broken Hill and Adelaide.



A period of expansion for ABM, with the company venturing into Darwin and Canberra. By the late 1950s, the group had become the largest quarrying company in Australia. This decade also marked the transition into the concrete industry, with the establishment of five concrete plants in the Sydney area. Concurrently, the third generation of O’Neils entered the long-distance transport industry in the Northern Territory, gaining valuable skills and a passion for the transportation of quarry materials. In November 1952 ABM became a public company.



In March the brothers celebrate a milestone moment when they sell ABM to Readymix Concrete.



The fourth generation, under Gunlake Group, entered the Quarrying and Concrete Industry. Established Gunlake Concrete Plants and Gunlake Quarries, providing materials for major infrastructure projects. The fourth generation of O’Neils, through the establishment of the Gunlake Group of companies, has once again made an indelible mark on the Quarrying and Concrete Industry. With a background in the building and plant hire industry, they’ve developed a keen understanding of the market’s needs. Gunlake Group’s first concrete plant was established at Smeaton Grange, followed by two others at Glendenning and Silverwater, and eventually, two more in Banksmeadow and Prestons, totalling five concrete plants across Sydney.

2024 & Beyond

2024 & Beyond

Today, Gunlake Quarries and Gunlake Concrete collectively stand as the largest independent concrete and quarry producers in New South Wales, marking a heritage of resilience, growth, and dedication that spans generations.

Looking ahead, the company will continue to prioritize customer needs by delivering tailored solutions and high-quality service. Our focus on innovation will drive the development of new products and processes, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of industry trends.

Gunlake also plays a vital role in major NSW infrastructure projects like WestConnex, the North West Rail Link, and the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek. With vast reserves exceeding 180 million tonnes.

Gunlake is poised to serve for over a century.

With sustainability as a core value, Gunlake is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through proactive initiatives and investments in eco-friendly technologies. From optimizing resource use to minimizing waste, we are committed to preserving the natural environment for future generations.