Transform Your Vision into Concrete Artistry.

Enhance your construction and design projects with Gunlake’s versatile decorative concrete range.

Choose from various rock types and colours, including,

  • White Quartz Rock.
  • Gold Quartz Rock.
  • Round River Gravel.
  • Dark Grey Igimbrite Rock.

What sets this product apart is our ability to blend two rock types at any ratio to achieve your desired appearance.

Customise your look further by selecting either white or grey cement as the base colour. Also add Liquid Oxide Colors to achieve uniform and vibrant hues, dispersing evenly throughout the mix.

With strength grades of 32MPa or 40MPa, Gunlake’s decorative concrete is adaptable for various applications. Whether you prefer an exposed finish, honed finish, or polished finish – the choice is yours. We offer flexibility in placement, allowing direct chute or pump application.

Discover endless design possibilities with Gunlake’s decorative concrete range.

Contact our technical team to develop a decorative range solution for your next project.

Key Benefits

Custom Artistry

Offers versatile decorative concrete that transforms visions into artistry, with a diverse selection of rock types, colours, and finishes.

Tailored Flexibility

Achieve your desired appearance by blending rock types and customizing the base colour, allowing for unique finishes.

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