Blue Star

Gunlake’s One-of-a-Kind Low-Carbon Concrete Range.

Designed with a focus on reducing embodied carbon, this concrete mix aligns with your environmental, specification, and workability requirements. By using BlueStar, you can significantly lower your project’s embodied carbon emissions.

For those aiming for complete carbon neutrality, BlueStar Zero offers the option to offset remaining emissions through Climate Active approved projects.

Transition to a more sustainable concrete option and join the green economy by maximizing the use of waste materials like fly ash and blast furnace slag.

BlueStar meets Australian Standards (AS 1379) and offers strength, durability, and sustainability across various applications, from house slabs to high-rise buildings.

Contact our technical team to develop a tailored, low-carbon concrete solution for your next project.

Key Benefits

Eco-conscious Excellence

A low-carbon concrete solution with environmental goals that reduces embodied carbon emissions.

Climate-Active Offset

Achieve carbon neutrality and demonstrate a commitment to a greener economy.

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