Exquisite Design Creates A Tranquil Retreat

Experience the epitome of elegance at Mira, where tranquil 3-bedroom apartments and a breathtaking 4-bedroom penthouse. With a fusion of Japanese and European aesthetics, Mira offers a unique and tasteful style, showcasing curves and clean lines that blend seamlessly with lush greenery. Gunlake is honoured to have played a part in this extraordinary project.

Lords Group
Mixes Used:
NC 32MPA & 40MPA – Long Line 32 & 40 MPA – RL40MPA - CM40MPA – ES 40MPA/22@3 & 4 days
Bellevue Hill
Project Commencement:
June 2022
Project Completed
June 2024
Concrete Supplied:
1800 m3

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