Colinda Ave

Refined Urban Living Through Flawless Construction

Colindia embodies a serene blend of natural inspiration and modern sophistication, offering 7 exclusive residences. This architectural gem reflects the tranquillity of its surroundings with organic shapes and elegant finishes. Gunlake’s dedication ensures flawless construction, where bespoke joinery and built-in fireplaces, define luxurious living. Colindia sets a new milestone for refined urban living in Neutral Bay.

Lords Group
Dynamic Concrete Pumping
Mixes Used:
Standard 40MPa through to all relevant 40MPA mixes. Off Form 40MPA Vertical Element 40MPA. Long Line 40MPA and RL40MPA. Mostly everything was in 40MPA.
Neutral Bay
Project Commencement:
November 2021
Project Completed:
February 2024
Concrete Supplied:
Approx 1700 m3

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