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Manufactured Sand


Used in the production of concrete and as a replacement wherever a coarse natural sand

Manufactured Sand2024-05-24T11:37:39+10:00

7mm Concrete


Used in the production of concrete especially shot-crete and inground swimming pools

7mm Concrete2024-05-21T09:10:58+10:00

10mm Concrete


Used for high strength blends along-side 20mm aggregate & other specialised batch blends.

10mm Concrete2024-05-21T09:11:45+10:00

14mm Concrete


Specialised aggregate used for the manufacture of precast elements such as walls and rail sleepers.

14mm Concrete2024-05-21T09:12:11+10:00

20mm Concrete Aggregate


General purpose concrete aggregate used in factory and house slabs. High strength batch blends inc

20mm Concrete Aggregate2024-05-21T09:12:57+10:00

Rail Ballast


Manufactured to meet Rail Spec requirements for under sleeper placement. Can be used as a

Rail Ballast2024-05-21T09:14:41+10:00

75-150mm Gabion Rock


Primarily used to fill gabion baskets but also as a drainage blanket material when placed

75-150mm Gabion Rock2024-05-21T09:18:55+10:00

300-2000mm Oversize Rock


Direct from the blast face. Suitable for River bank stabilisation, sea wall construction and slope

300-2000mm Oversize Rock2024-05-21T12:00:09+10:00

Monument Rock


Sold as individual pieces as selected by the customer. Get a Quote

Monument Rock2024-05-21T12:03:33+10:00
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