Marulan’s close link with the study of time was celebrated recently with a display of beautiful and rare time pieces. It was given by avid Horologists from around Australia who gathered at the Marulan Hall over 2 days. Gunlake Quarries was proud to be a Co Sponsor along with the Marulan Chamber of Commerce for this interesting event. The display proved popular with many visitors coming along to view the trove of historical items and residents also had the opportunity to bring their own clocks along for appraisal. There were some nice surprises with a few dusty timepieces found to be valuable and historically important.

The 150o meridian is also important to timekeepers as it marks the exact longitude that the sun rises at 6am and sets at 6pm during the 2 yearly equinoxes. A perfect 12 hour night and 12 hour day. This line of longitude extends up through Queensland, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia and Russia but Marulan is the only town proper that sits exactly on the divider.

By the way, the next equinox is Friday 20th March. We always encourage community feedback by visiting our website at: www.gunlake.com.au/contact/ or by calling Gunlake Quarry on 02 4841 1344.