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  • Permeable Concrete – Drivecon

    DriveCon™ is WaterPave’s single-pour method consisting of specialised admixtures and fine aggregates mixed together to form a strong,...
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  • Polished Class Concrete

    Our Polished Class Concrete is perfect for today’s modern lifestyle offering a low-maintenance and durable finish.
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  • Standard Class Concrete

    Gunlake normal class concrete is specifically formulated for every-day workability while retaining the highest level of quality and...
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  • Special Class Concrete

    Gunlake has a range of mixes designed to meet the strictest engineering specifications including high flexural strength, low-shrinkage,...
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  • Coloured Concrete

    Gunlake offers a large range of premium coloured concretes suitable for a range of domestic, industrial and civil...
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  • Concrete Applications

    Standard Class Concrete is perfect for a range of applications including:

    • House slabs

    • Pathways

    • Low-level commercial use

  • Technical Information

    Gunlake offers the full range of standard concrete strengths and mixes, including: N20, N25, N32, N40 and S50

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