Late last month Gunlake participated in a local careers mentor day that was organised by the Smith Family.
The GRIT morning was a chance for local high school students to get real with local employers and employees.

The students had the chance to ask any work-related questions of Gunlake, such as ‘What do I need to have to work for you?’ along with the chance to find out what the workplace is really like by asking our staff.
Both Quarry Manager, Vince Matthews and first year apprentice boilermaker, Lindsay Hunt were proud to represent Gunlake and provide the students with first-hand industry experience and knowledge of what they could expect from a career in extractive industries.

Lindsay’s presence particularly interested the students, as he was able to connect with them, give them an insight into what it’s like to be an apprentice and how he has been able to transition from the classroom directly into the workplace.

Gunlake is committed to providing local employment opportunities to local students who may not wish to pursue university studies.

For more information about Gunlake or if you are interested in a career with us, visit our website and complete a ‘Gunlake Group Enquiry’ and we will contact you.