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  • Manufactured Sand

    Used in the production of concrete and as a replacement wherever a coarse natural sand could be used
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  • 7mm Concrete Aggregate

    Used in the production of concrete especially shot-crete and inground swimming pools
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  • 10mm Concrete Aggregate

    Used for high strength blends along-side 20mm aggregate & other specialised batch blends.
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  • 14mm Concrete Aggregate

    Specialised aggregate used for the manufacture of precast elements such as walls and rail sleepers
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  • 20mm Concrete Aggregate

    General purpose concrete aggregate used in factory and house slabs. High strength batch blends inc building pillars and...
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  • Concrete Applications

    Standard Class Concrete is perfect for a range of applications including:

    • House slabs

    • Pathways

    • Low-level commercial use

  • Technical Information

    Gunlake offers the full range of standard concrete strengths and mixes, including: N20, N25, N32, N40 and S50

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