Gunlake Quarry is dedicated to providing Sydney with the best aggregate products available!
Gunlake quarry is well equipped to supply your Sydney job with the aggregate you need!
Gunlake has decades of concrete delivery experience. Our knowledge of concrete and aggregate products is the best in Sydney.



Gunlake Quarry produces produces a wide variety of premium bulk aggregates for concrete, construction, asphalt, specified and non-specified road base.

These products include:

  • Manufactured sand, used in the production of concrete and as a replacement wherever a coarse natural sand could be used.
  • 7mm Concrete Aggregate, used in the production of concrete, especially shot-crete and in ground swimming pools.
  • 10mm Concrete Aggregate, used for high strength blends along side 20mm aggregate and other specialised batch blends.
  • 14mm Concrete Aggregate, used in the manufacture of precast elements such as walls and rail sleepers.
  • 20mm Concrete Aggregate, a general purpose concrete aggregate used in factor and house slabs. High strength batch blends include building pillars and bridge spans.
  • Rail Ballast, used under sleeper placement. Also used as a decorative aggregate in gardens and on flat roof buildings.
  • Gabion Rock (75-150mm), used to fill gabion baskets, can also be used as a drainage blanket material when placed in layers.
  • Hammered Rock (50-750mm), large angular rocks taken from the quarry face and jack hammered to a smaller size. Used for dry wall construction, creek washout and feature rock purposes.
  • Oversize Rock (300-2000mm), used in coastal and river stabilisation, sea wall construction and slope retention.
  • Monument Rock, sold as large individual pieces as selected by customer.
  • 7mm Drainage aggregate, used as drainage material for sports field rejuvenation, Bio-Retention basin material, pipe bedding and behind filter cloth material in retaining walls.
  • 10mm Drainage Aggregate, used as retaining wall will and plumbing pipe bedding material. It’s a good general purpose aggregate that is easy to shovel.
  • 14mm Drainage Aggregate, used as a landscape and driveway material that is easy to walk on and less likely to stick to your shoes. Can be driven on and will stay in place during moderate rain.
  • 20mm Drainage Aggregate, used in landscaping as a decorative mulch, driveway topping and garden pathways. Can be used behind retaining walls to allow water to drain efficiently.
  • 40-70mm Draining Aggregate, used as a heavy duty draining material that will suit dish drains. Also good for building site access material. A solid performer for the bigger jobs.
  • 20mm Road Base, an excellent material for driveway construction and as a base layer for paving and also concrete slabs. Compacts well and will remain solid for many years.
  • 40mm Road Base, a larger road base materials suitable as a subbase prior to the application of 20mm road base. Good for slightly less compacted areas where a good base in needed.
  • 20mm DGB Road Base, a long lasting blended road base that is suitable for sub-division driveways under bitumen finishes and council roadways.
  • Crusher dust, a fine graded compactable materials perfect for under house used for house slab preparation. Also suitable for under pavers.

8mm Crusher Dust, a course crusher dust that will stand up better when used in a contoured profile. Under slab preparation and good retaining wall fill material. Will compact nicely.
Gunlake are Sydney’s quarry and concrete experts. We’ve been suppling Sydney with the highest quality quarry aggregate products for decades. Some of our most popular quarry aggregate products include manufactured sand, concrete aggregate, drain aggregate, and road base rock.We’ve also been supplying concrete to Sydney builders for decades. Our concrete is tailored to suit each job! We’ve got concrete plants in Silverwater, Glendenning, and Smeaton Grange. This allows us to deliver concrete to almost all of Sydney! Some of our main concrete products include standard concrete, coloured concrete, architectural concrete, pool spary mix concrete, kerb mix concrete, block fill concrete and piling concrete. As one of Sydney’s leading concrete suppliers, you can trust us to deliver your concrete on time!

If you have any questions feel free to contact Gunlake for more information.