Gunlake Quarries

Gunlake Quarries is based in Marulan NSW to service Sydney, the Southern Tablelands and the Southern Highlands. This quarry produces a wide variety of premium bulk aggregates for concrete, construction and asphalt and specified and non-specified road base.

  • Gunlake produces a wide variety of hard rock quarry products including premium bulk aggregates, Concrete Aggregates, Drainage Aggregates, Rail Ballast, Road Base, Crusher Dust and more.

  • Gunlake Quarries is based in Marulan NSW to service Sydney and the Southern Highlands. We currently supply material to some of NSW’s largest public infrastructure projects.

  • The Gunlake Group are a proudly Australian owned, family company spanning four generations in the quarrying and concrete industry in Australia.

  • Gunlake assists local communities neighbouring our quarry and concrete plants.

Featured Products

Gunlake Quarries is based in Marulan NSW to service Sydney and the Southern Highlands.

This newly-built quarry produces a wide variety of premium bulk aggregates for concrete, construction, asphalt, specified and non-specified road base.

Manufactured Sand

Used in the production of concrete and as a replacement wherever a coarse natural sand could be used
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7mm Concrete Aggregate

Used in the production of concrete especially shot-crete and inground swimming pools
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10mm Concrete Aggregate

Used for high strength blends along-side 20mm aggregate & other specialised batch blends.
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14mm Concrete Aggregate

Specialised aggregate used for the manufacture of precast elements such as walls and rail sleepers
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20mm Concrete Aggregate

General purpose concrete aggregate used in factory and house slabs. High strength batch blends inc building pillars and bridge span
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Gunlake Group

Gunlake is the largest local independent supplier of concrete and quarry products in NSW. Over the last 10 years Gunlake have developed a cycle of continuous growth building state-of-the-art concrete batch plants. Currently we have four plants in operation, one under construction and another in the developing phase.

Gunlake History

  • In 1852 the first generation of O’Neils arrived in Port Adelaide from Ireland. Looking for better life they settled in Kapunda just north of Adelaide in the 1870’s where they gained employment in the fast growing copper fields as labourers in the mines. Generally recognised as the first true mining town in colonial Australia, Kapunda was the start of a long history for the O’Neils, in the mineral extractive industry that continues today.

  • In the 1880’s they moved to the small town of Broken Hill, 5 years before BHP was formed in 1885. It was here that they honed their skills as workers in the fast evolving quarrying and mining industry. After nearly 2 decades in Broken Hill they took this knowledge back to South Australia where in the early 1900’s they began to look for opportunities for themselves.

    With a solid background in mining and quarrying it was not long before they established themselves carting for a local quarry. The second generation of O’Neils were keen to follow on in the industry and before long JJ O’Neil and Sons were carting full time for a number of quarries.

  • In 1926 the local road authority accepted their tender to supply material for a road in the Adelaide Hills. With a hired crusher this tender was the first of many that they successfully fulfilled. Horrocks pass in the Flinders Ranges was the most significant of them all. The project provided easier access from Wilmington to Port Augusta on the Main Rd North.

  • In 1927 the depression hit South Australia earlier than in the other states and had a serious effect on the O’Neils. Horricks Pass was nearly complete and with no other opportunities in Adelaide the O’Neils decided to move to Perth with a number of their workers who had hitched their future with the O’Neils. In addition to the people who moved with the O’Neils to Western Australia there was all the equipment including a small crusher, trucks, horses and dray and all of the household furniture- all the equipment they would need for Western Australia and which would have been impossible to sell in Adelaide because of the depressed condition.

    The quarry for sale was “Gosnells” about 25 km out of Perth. “Gosnells” almost bought about their ruin due to the particularly abrasive rock that took its toll on the equipment. Perseverance and the discovery of a better deposit on the other side of the hill turned the quarry around and ultimately Gosnells became one of Australia’s most significant quarries.

  • In about 1938 the family decided it was time for them to expand outside Western Australia, so they went to Sydney to explore other opportunities, they found a suitable hard rock site near St Marys and in 1939, Australian Blue Metal commenced quarrying and distribution operations.

    It was not long, however, before WW2 intervened. All of the O’Neil’s equipment was commandeered for defence purposes. Under the command of the Civil Defence Corp, the company’s assets including the staff were dispatched to a number of key defence projects, one of them being the construction of a railway and transport distribution hub at Broken Hill and this brought them back to their place of origin where at the end of the war they established a quarry at Broken Hill and then also in Adelaide.

  • In the 1950’s ABM expanded into Darwin and Canberra and by the late 1950’s the group was the largest quarrying company in Australia. The 50’s also was the start of this generations move into the concrete industry. By the end of the decade 5 concrete plants had been established in the Sydney Area.

    By this time, the third generation of O’Neils had gained a foothold into the highly competitive Long Distance Transport industry in the Northern Territory. This gave them the skills and desire to expand further and with their love of trucks it was not long before moved back into the transport of quarry material in their own right.

    Hymix Australia was formed, which had quarries in Victoria NSW and Queensland. Concrete Batch Plants soon followed, and Hymix established a presence along the east coast of Australia as one of countries premier independent concrete suppliers.

  • Today the fourth Generation, through the establishment of the Gunlake Group of companies, have once again provided an independent presence in the Quarrying and Concrete Industry. Their background in the building and plant hire industry have helped them understand the market’s needs.

    The first Gunlake Concrete Plant was established at Smeaton Grange. Two other plants quickly followed at Glendenning and Silverwater. The growth continues today with more plants being planned.

    Gunlake Quarries established a quarry in Marulan to the south west of Sydney which opened in the early 2000’s. Whist providing aggregate to the concrete plants Gunlake Quarries also provides material for some of NSW’s largest infrastructure projects such as WestConnex and the North West Rail Link. With reserves in excess of 180 milllion tonnes the quarry has an expected life of over 100 years.

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